Being a first time home buyer with a short window of opportunity can be a very tedious and overwhelming experience. However for us, it was the Santos Team to the rescue. The Santos Team made the process as enjoyable as possible as we collectively looked at houses and more houses.
As we continued to look at houses we also realized that trying to find a house for four people, each with their own opinions and must haves, seemed to be an impossible journey, but with Annabella as our agent and Peter and John working in the background the impossible was made a reality.
After a long and tedious search throughout the GTA, Annabella never gave up and was always willing and ready to take us to the next house or houses, always on time and most importantly never pressured us into buying.
As a team, their patience, sincerity and experience in the market place allowed us to find our perfect family home, which would never have been found without their persistence and the 'never give up' attitude of the Santos Team.
If you're in the market and need guidance to find the home that you're really looking for, then you must give the Santos Team a call. You will not only get an agent working for you, you will have found a friend.

The Paiva Family

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